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Church and Culture: Down with that sort of thing

In Conversation…
A talk for Contemporary Christianity Ireland
September 2013

This talk covers a number of issues:

  • What is Culture?
  • Should we accommodate it or resist it?
  • How should we be building the kingdom of God on Earth?
  • Engaging with and Transforming Culture.

Further information, including a recording of the talk, is available on the Contemporary Christianity site.

A PDF version of the slides of the presentation may be downloaded here.

We want a King

12th May, Sunday after Ascension

Monarchs are a strange mixture. Nations inherit them, there isn’t much choice, and nobody quite knows how they will turn out. Some are benevolent and conscientious like the present Queen. But then there was King Henry the VIII, defender of the faith, disposer of wives. And King John who lost the crown jewels in the Wash. Sri Lanka had a particularly unsavoury story of an ambitious Prince who plastered his father, the King, into a wall. Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts and Blackadder’s Queenie both enjoyed a good beheading.

Monarchs have fascinated people throughout history. The Israelites, too, were intrigued by the idea of a King. In 1 Samuel 12, we discover that they had a brand new King, not by royal lineage, but by choice. Continue reading