Firegenies like fire and believe that “the world is charged with the grandeur of God… It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;” (Gerald Manley Hopkins).

Currently training for ordination, this Firegenie likes to spin thought and theology together, examine culture through faith and faith through culture, preach a bit, write a bit and philosophise a bit, and intellectualise a bit.

The world, and the Universe is a remarkable place. Full of the grandeur of Creation, but also smeared with pain, evil, and suffering – much of which the Firegenie wrestles to understand, especially from the perspective of faith in a good God. At times like these, she is reminded of what a favourite Aunt of hers told her. At the end of World War II, allied forces found an abandoned house, almost a heap of rubble, In the basement, on the crumbling wall, a victim of the Holocaust had scratched a Star of David and underneath it in rough letters “I believe in the sun – even when it does not shine; I believe in love – even when it is not shown; I believe in God – even when he does not speak.

She likes painting with words and colours, keyboard and brush Рstories and poems to capture what the theology and philosophy cannot capture. She wants to give something to the World. And words are one way she can.