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The Cost of Following Jesus

30th June

We all know the pitfall of extravagant promises. There is a story I think of when I read about the three men who wanted to follow Christ: A young man very much in love emailed his girlfriend a card that said “I would cross the hottest desert, swim the deepest sea, and climb the highest mountain to be with you.” At the bottom of the message was a PS: “It is raining heavily here, so I can’t make it tonight”. Continue reading

Be transformed by the renewing of your minds

Christian Postgrad Conference, Dovedale, 2013

Maithrie introduced the conference, and asked the question: “What does God require of Christian Postgrads and academics?” She spoke on integrating Faith and Academic Life, and on the reality of God in our everyday environment. She challenged delegates with the thought that “from those to whom much is given, much is expected”, and proposed some ideas for renewing our minds and deepening our faith.

More information at the Conference Website.